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Recognizing words from glyphs is a paid feature of GlyphViewer application. After a word has been identified it will be shown in your image. You can see the translated result easily on the image or you can click on it and the following dialog will appear:



Gliffy is unlicensed. Please install a license to draw diagrams in your wiki.

1. Language

A word is a list of glyphs translated into one or more languages. You can use this combo box to see the word's meaning into different languages. The meaning should be the same across all languages. If a word does not have a translation in a language, the language will not appear in 1.

2. Meaning

The text box will display the meaning of the word based on the selected language.

3. Confidence

The scoll bar will represent the computed confidence of the word. The word is composed of a list of glyphs. From each glyph a single symbol is selected to represent that glyph. The confidence of the word will be the average of all the confidences of the symbols from the glyphs.

4. Symbol list

If this vertical image list the selected symbol from each glyph in the image will be shown. If you move your mouse over the symbol it will be scaled to a larger image and on image view 5 the glyph for that symbol will be slightly highlighted in the image view. You can also remove the symbol from the word by clicking on the cross button at the right top corner of the hovered symbol.

Do not confuse glyphs with symbols. A glyph may be assigned any number of symbols from any language but a word is made up of a list of symbols from only one language. A single symbol is selected from each glyph.

5. Image view

Here you can see the original image with the glyphs that have been selected to compose the word. Hovering over the symbol list in 4 and you will highlight the glyph in the image.

You can add symbols to the word by clicking on a glyph in the image view. The add Symbol button, 8, will be made visible. Clicking on this button will add the symbol with the largest confidence from the glyph to the word. All other symbols of the glyph will be ignored. Remember that a word is composed of symbols, not of glyphs.

6. Removing a word

If you want to remove this word just click on the Delete Word button.  It will remove it from the image and from the project.

Deleting a word will remove all meaning of the word into the languages in 1 and will also remove the word from any Translation that is has been added or linked to. If you did not purchase GlyphViewer will also loose the credits you spent for actually recognizing the word.

 7. Browse meanings

You can use this next, previous arrow buttons to quickly navigate through the available meanings in different languages assigned to this word. This way you can edit the word more rapidly. To add a meaning in a new language, always use the Language, 1, combo box to select it.

8. Add symbol

You can always use this form to create or edit a word. Once you select a glyph in the image view this button will become visible. Clicking it will add the selected glyph to the word, in the last position. Remember that the symbol with the largest confidence will actually get added to the word, but the glyph in the image will still be linked to this word.

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