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The main benefit of using GlyphViewer application is that it allows users to generate and build their own text from parts of a image, build translations, identify glyphs from ancient languages. Basically this process is structured into 3 parts:

  1. Discover glyphs
  2. Group glyphs into words
  3. Use the found words to create translations

The user will have to use the dialog forms functionality on the right side to apply the above steps. Let's take a quick look on how the application looks with all forms opened:

Image Added 

Discovering glyphs

The first thing you need to do after you added your image to the project is to start to generate glyphs.


The easiest way to start building glyphs in your image is to use the 1. Identify Glyphs option from the 2Glyph menu, or use the buttons on the upper right side. You will need to open 2 dialog forms on the left as seen in the image:

  • language dialog will allow you to automatically recognize glyphs using an OCR technology. All you need to do is select a language you believe the glyphs belong to in 3 then click on the Select Area button.  A rectungular transparent selection area will appear over the image, like the one at 11.