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  • language dialog will allow you to automatically recognize glyphs using an OCR technology. All you need to do is select a language you believe the glyphs belong to in 3 then click on the Select Area button.  A rectungular transparent selection area will appear apear over the image, like the one at 11. You can resize it by draging the borders of the area or move it by dragging it with your mouse across the image. Once you have selected the area containing the glyphs, select the language you believe the glyphs belong to, also from 3, then select an OCR engine in 4 and click Recognize. If glyphs will be identified they will apear on your image with surrounded by a bounding box filled with a color based on the confidence level of the identified symbols.
  • glyph builder dialog will allow you to manually identify a glyph in the image. You will probably want to use it if OCR fails. First at 1 select from the combo box the area to use to create a bounding area around your glyph. You can use either a rectungular area, SelectArea, or define a polygon using PolygonArea. After you have chosen the prefered select mode click on the Start Select button also at 1. Then go to the image where the glyph is located and:
    • if you chose SelectArea just click on the image then while holding the left mouse button drag to see the coresponding rectungular are forming. When you are done release the mouse left button.
    • if you chose PolygonArea you will have to click on the image with your mouse to add points to your polygon. You will notice that when you move your mouse that the polygon is being drawn, left click to add a point to it. When you are done double click with your left mouse button to commit the polygon.
    When you finished creating a bounding area around your glyph click on the Add button in 2. This will add the glyph to the image, but it will not add any symbols for your glyph. You will notice that the glyph is drawn with a gray area beacause of this. You will have to manually add symbols to your glyph by clicking on it.