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In any case now it's time to see if we can add some meaning to the found glyphs. This stage can be done through the language dialog. This step only requires you to to click on the Select Area button at 3 then use the area as in 11 to cover over the glyphs that you want to be translated into words.


The selected glyphs are streamed into an array of symbols with their confidence data and sent to a remote 2glyph server to be translated. Only the symbol data is required by the remote server, no part of the original image is ever sent.

In the case that the symbols that you assigned to the glyphs can compose a word for the language you sent you will notice that new data will appear on your image, as you can see in 9. If you move your mouse over the word text you will notice that it will be highlighted as well as the symbols that compose the word. Editing the word can be done by clicking on it in the image, and a dialog form for it will appear as described in Word View.


For each word identified a credit will be charged to your account. You can see your remaining credits in your login form.